Michael Papageorgiou Doris, 1896-1987


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Michael Papageorgiou Doris, 1896-1987.

Doris was born in Athens in 1896 and died in Athens in 1987. His real name was Michail Papageorgiou. He was the brother of K. Papageorgiou, publisher of “Ios” magazine. His origin was from Dorida, Greece- the birthplace that influenced the artistic nickname by which he became famous (Dorida- Doris). At first he worked as a designer and caricaturist for various magazines of the time (1913-16). In 1919, he left for Paris where he studied in various French artists’ studios. In 1930 he returned to Athens and he was immediately established as an important modernist artist by the entirety of art critics. In his works of the middle-war period, under the influence of M. Vlaminck and R. Dufy he presents a style that combines expressionistic with decorative elements. He used to paint with an apprehensive curved brushstroke and with vigorous tonic fluctuations, concentrating light in few areas of his composition, and leaving large areas of middle tones and shadow.

He presented his work in individual exhibitions: “Parnassos”, 1930- “ELPA Hall”, 1934 – “Geo”, 1935 – “Zappion Megaron”, 1949 – “Zachariou”, 1950 – “Athanassios Mansion’s Arcade”, 1956 and others.

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Greek: Παπαγεωργίου Μιχαήλ Δόρις, 1896-1987.

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